Rockstar Games Unveils GTA 5 Trailer

Yeah! It was just a few days back when Rockstar Games announced this new game’s trailer and now it goes live. This much awaited and much expected game in the GTA series, following GTA 4 that was launched in 2008, is set to launch in 2012.


After success with GTA 4, Rockstar Games moved on to have fun with GTA 5. As said earlier, this new game makes a debut in the year 2012. A report says that the GTA games have been downloaded 144M+ times. With the launch of this GTA 5, it is expected that the number will rise more by another few millions. This new game does not feature a new city, rather it makes a come-back to the fictional streets of San Andreas.

So the trailer is now out and ready to watch. The trailer starts with a couple hanging out in the seaside. Next comes the scene where a few guys and gals jog on the sunny seaside. Next goes a racing boat followed by three people posing for a snap when they are hiking. Look at the below trailer to have more glimpse of the characters and the settings.


The sad news is that the main character doesn’t make even a single appearance in this trailer. Seems like something big is gonna come up in this new game. Will it be famous star from GTA 4. I don’t know his name. Let me know in the comments. Or will a new star make appearance in this new game?