Root Samsung Galaxy SIII [How-To]

Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t officially launched in most countries now. But, still the inquisitive minds at the XDA developers forum has rooted this device with the help of Odin by flashing an insecure kernel. For those who are new, Odin is a third-party, windows only software used to flash Android smartphones.

Like most other rooting processes, rooting the Samsung Galaxy SIII is simple and easy. It is proved to work quite well, provided all the steps are correctly followed in the same order provided. However we can’t be held responsible if you brick your device. There is only less possibilities, however we are just warning you before hand that there is the slightest of possibility.

You are voiding your warranty as you root. However you can claim it back once you unroot the device.


If you are all set, then we can start the rooting process. šŸ˜‰


  • You should be on the XXALE8 firmware for this root to work. To check your firmware version, go to Settings -> About phone and scroll to the bottom to find it.
  • Make sure that your phone is charged more than 50%. Best, if it is fully charged. Also make sure that the computer you are going to use doesn’t switch off as it will damage your device forever.
  • You should have Samsung Kies installed on your computer, we need some drivers for rooting the phone and Kies has them. [Download]
  • Download Odin 1.85 – We need this to root. [Download]
  • CF-Insecure-SGS3_XX_NEE_ALE8-v1.2 ā€“ The Insecure kernel for XXALE8 firmware, which we are going to flash. [Download]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step #1

You should enable debugging mode in your phone:

Settings > Developer Options > Check USB Debugging

Step #2

You should start your S3 in the Download Mode. To do this, switch your phone off and restart it by simultaneously pressing Volume-down + Home + Power buttons.

Step #3

Connect your phone to your computer using the microUSB cable.

Step #4

Extract the zip file and open Odin. There’ll be a few text boxes under the text “ID:COM” and the first text box will turn yellow to imply that your phone is connected properly. This is a checkpoint. If it doesn’t turn yellow, then you are doing something wrong. So, start from Step 1. Make sureĀ that the Re-Partition and Flash LockĀ check boxesĀ are not checked. The other two can be checked.

Step #4

Extract the file that you’ve downloaded from chainfire’s site. You’ll find a .tar file.

Step #6

In Odin, Click on the PDA button and choose the insecure kernel file that you have extracted.

Step #7

Click the Start button to start the flash. It’ll take some time.

Your device will be rooted, once it is done. Then you can make use of your Samsung Galaxy S3’s rooted potential to its maximum extent.

If you have any doubts during the process, feel free to let us know and we’ll help you out. Happy rooting. Subscribe to our email newsletter to stay updated on rooting procedures for other firmwares.

Via [Chainfire]