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Best rugged smartphone

Do you want an unbreakable smartphone?

Have you ever broken the screen on your phone, and been shocked at the devastating spider web of cracks that appears all over the screen?  You might need to buy a rugged smartphone!  Sometimes you can continue to use the  touch screen, but most times it makes the phone absolutely useless.

It can be expensive, and it is such a nuisance, especially as most of us carry our phone around in our pocket, or in a bag, or somewhere it just seems to get bumped or dropped, or mis-handled. Believe it or not, you can now get a shatterproof phone, and never have to worry again!


Don’t worry about dropping a rugged smartphone ever again!

Well maybe there is a better way, if only we could have a stronger screen material, or maybe a flexible material, because what we have right now just doesn’t work with a modern lifestyle.  The good news is you can now buy a shatterproof phone!  I want the best rugged smartphone!

I mean I want my phone to be small enough to take with me wherever I go, and I don’t want to carry a protective carry bag the size of a laptop when I go to the beach!  I want to drop my phone in my pocket and not have to worry about squashing it or dropping it or bumping it, or….

But there might be an answer to buy the best rugged smartphone

Scientists have discovered a stronger material that is suitable for use as touch screens for hand held phones.  The new material is made of a conductive element that is not only sensitive to touch, but strong enough and flexible enough to withstand all kinds of other contact, such as dropping, squashing, sitting, and bumping.

This new screen material could even be cheaper than the materials that are used now, so not only will it save you money for replacement screens, but it has the potential to make all sorts of screens more affordable, such as TVs, computers, tablets, and of course mobile phones.


No more spider webs on your rugged smartphone!

This is great news, because if the screen on your device could be made just a little more flexible than it is at the moment, most of the knocks and bumps wouldn’t be such a devastating blow.  As we all know, glass is very brittle and is very susceptible to sharp knocks or sudden impacts.  There are some techniques to reinforce the strength of glass panels, but these are not conducive to the sensitivity required for touch screens.  So instead, all of our touch screens seem to fracture at seemingly innocuous bumps and squashes.  Instant spider web.

Better material properties for a shatterproof phone

So this new material has the potential to be stronger but also more flexible which will prevent many of the spider web problems because the screen will no longer shatter quite so easily and be able to absorb some impacts without causing catastrophic failure.

Even better is that the new material is expected to be able to conduct electronic signals within the screen material, which means touch screen technology will no longer require separate electrical conductors to be attached to the glass screen.  These very fine filament wires have always been subject to failure, or disconnection from the screen, so this is why you may have experienced a faulty screen in the past.

Well, no longer will be subject to such temperamental electronic devices, as the new screen material will be able to conduct the electronic signal directly to the microchip in the phone, which eliminates the need for extra terminals and extra wiring and joins and so on.

So how does a rugged smartphone work?

The new material is actually a hybrid of two materials.  And the technology breakthrough that has allowed the invention of this new hybrid material is nano-technology.  Scientists can now lay down extremely thin layers of material in intricate patterns such that they can control what the material will look like and act like when it is built into the finished product.

A thin layer of graphene material can be interwoven with ultra thin nano wires made from silver.  As graphene is produced from common carbon, there is no longer a requirement for expensive and rare metals to be used in the construction phase.  Even though silver is a precious metal, it is not needed in large quantities, and is therefore not a major cost driver to make the new material.

Make your next rugged smartphone an unbreakable smart phone!

So if you are sick and tired of looking at your phone through a spider web of shattered glass, or if you have had enough of those phone breakages, then look out for a new development that could change the touch screen world for the better – the unbreakable phone!

Best rugged smartphone

I want to buy the best rugged smartphone!


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