Rumored Features of iPhone 5 [Infographic]

There is a lot of hype around the iPhone 5, the next generation of the iPhone series. iPhone 5 might bring with it, groundbreaking new features or may be not. There is a lot of rumors around this phone, with possible features and upgrades. But what the iPhone is gonna bring is a mystery.


The iPhone 5 will be surely released in some part of 2011. The guys at cacestgang has created a wonderful infographic, which displays the possibilities of each rumor to really appear in the iPhone 5.

This is a great concept as there was high amount of confusion revolving around the iPhone 5, this tries to reduce it by making us clear of the possibilities of each rumor to appear for real in the iPhone 5. Take a look at it for yourself and share your thoughts on this neatly created infographic.

Via [GottaBeMobile]