Samsung is in Crisis Mode

Samsung Note 7

Samsung is in Crisis – And that is not the only problem!

Yes Samsung has got bucket loads of trouble.

After a myriad of bad reports and haphazard product recalls, Samsung has finally taken drastic action following a long and protracted chain of problems with the latest release Samsung Note 7 smartphone.

The issue with overheating batteries was first revealed following a social media outrage, and Samsung has not been able to contain the bad press and angry customer feedback.  The Samsung Note 7 smartphone has been subject to several manufacturers’ warnings, product recalls, and finally we have the news that the Samsung Note 7 has stopped production completely.

At first, Samsung seemed reluctant to take action, followed by an invitation to return faulty devices.  Unfortunately, the initial reaction from the company was an offer to replace the returned devices with new replacements of the same smartphones.

This is getting serious for Samsung Note 7

Global sales of the Samsung Note 7 have already been suspended due to numerous reports of the device catching fire, and even when customers were given a replacement smartphone, the replacement devices were still prone to overheating and catching fire also!  So the replacement program did no go well.

This is getting worse!

As the problems with the Samsung Note 7 only seemed to spread around the world, the replacement policy was simply not enough.  Eventually, Samsung halted sales of new smartphones, while the company tried to solve the problem with the battery.  Nothing seemed to go right, and with literally millions of users out there, Samsung has a mounting problem on its hands, trying to work out how to satisfy everyone!

This is getting huge!

And now the airlines won’t let you fly with a Samsung Note 7 – even if it is switched off!

Even if this seems a little drastic, it makes perfect sense – why would you allow an unstable device which is prone to catching fire on an aircraft and risk the safety of hundreds of passengers?  As it stands at the moment, the Note 7 is considered as dangerous on board an aircraft as an explosive device!  This is not good!

This is not some small player trying to leap frog into the market – this is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and the current market leader of smartphone sales.  Bigger than Apple!

What this means for the smartphone market is anyone’s guess at this stage.

Where has it all gone wrong for Samsung?

  • In the beginning, Samsung offered to exchange Note 7 phones
  • More bad news with replacement phones going up in smoke
  • Samsung offered to exchange for different products or refund the purchase of Note 7
  • Next Samsung halted sales of the Note 7 smartphone
  • Samsung attempted to fix manufacturing defects with the battery
  • Samsung investigated reasons for fires in replacement phones
  • Samsung has put a complete stop on production of the Samsung Note 7 smartphone
  • Samsung states production stopped in the interests of consumer safety
  • Now the Airlines refuse to allow Samsung Note 7 on board aircraft

Samsung Note 7

“Samsung needs to regain

consumer trust in the

wake of handling of problems”

The problems are far from over for Samsung!

Now it has been revealed that Apple says Samsung has impinged on its Copyright laws, and Samsung and Apple are embroiled in a court battle over smartphone functionality and appearance.

So now Samsung has revealed the extent of the court battle between themselves and Apple.  Way back in 2012, Apple sued Samsung over claims that Samsung had infringed various patents and copyrights that belonged to Apple in the design and appearance of the Apple flagship, the iPhone.  At the time, the courts found in favour of Apple and that Samsung had indeed copied various elements of the appearance of the iPhone, leaving Samsung to pay a massive fine for imitating its biggest rival.

Although we have all come to recognise the distinctive elements of the various brands of phone on the market, Apple has fiercely defended its patents over the shape of the iPhone, its distinctive curved corners, as well as the appearance of the iconic screen, with its tiled arrangement of apps and user interfaces.  However, this has been disputed by Samsung as simply a logical and practical layout, a pattern formed by the users own preferences, and was never intended to be a direct copy of another device, but rather just the way the user prefers to set up their own personal device.

A big price to pay for copying

And this is hard to argue!  Despite the huge sums of money at stake, the court case is still far from make a discerning decision.  The problem is trying to establish what, if any, damage has been done to Apple’s brand by the infringement of their rights.  Some might argue that it has done them no harm at all, and has only served to strengthen their brand, as it has become the iconic appearance of a smartphone that we have all come to accept as the market standard.

Even the judge doesn’t know what call to make

With such a complicated case, and especially as all smartphones look quite similar in appearance anyway, did Samsung really copy the Apple appearance?  And even if it could be proven that they have infringed on Apple patents, can the court really prove that damage has been done to the Apple brand?

And the irony for Samsung!

The irony of all this is that the court case was being taken to court on the very same day that Samsung was forced to confront the difficult decision to stop manufacture of the Note 7.

There are difficult days ahead for Samsung, and we really hope they can fight their way back to the top!


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