Samsung Galaxy Ace Gets a Successor, Galaxy Ace Plus with Improved Specifications [Review]

Samsung’s Galaxy Ace was a huge hit in the Indian market. It was a mid range Android phone with some good specs and looks and was also priced attractively. The Galaxy Ace has now got a successor to follow its suit, and it will be called as the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Samsung has officially announced this.

The new phone doesn’t look very much different from the Galaxy Ace. The original phone was considered to be deeply inspired by the design of the iPhone and a newbie would misinterpret a Galaxy Ace to an iPhone easily and the Ace plus has similar looks, except for the placement of the camera, which is at the centre, compared to the Ace which had it on the left corner.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace plus is bigger than the Galaxy Ace by a few millimetres and it is thinner than the Ace by 0.3 mm. The Samsung Galaxy Ace plus measures at 114.5 x 62.5 x 11.2 mm. and weighs 2g heavier than the Ace at 115g.The screen is 3.65 inches and is .15 inches bigger than the Galaxy Ace.

On the inside, the Samsung Galaxy Ace plus is very much different from the Galaxy Ace, with improved specs. It sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 1 GHz single core processor and 512MB of RAM while the Galaxy Ace had a 800 MHz processor with a mere 278 MB RAM. They both have the Adreno 200 GPU. Now the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus will be definitely faster than the Galaxy Ace, which would struggle a lot when working with multiple applications.

The biggest problem with the Galaxy Ace was the internal memory which was a meagre 158 MB,but the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus solves it and comes with a bountiful 3GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 32GB using an external microSD card.

The camera is similar to that of the Galaxy Ace, that is a 5-megapixel AF camera with LED flash. It doesn’t have a front facing camera. Samsung should have added the front facing camera as 3G is becoming increasingly popular in India.

This phone would also come with Samsung Kies Air like the latest Samsung Android phones, for instant updates and Samsung ChatON for staying connected with your friends. It would also have the traditional Google apps that come preinstalled in other Samsung Android phones.

One disappointing thing about the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is that, it would come with the Android Gingerbread 2.3 Though Google has released the next version of Android, Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung is reluctant to bring it to the mid segment and lower segment Android phones and has reserved it only for its high end models. Samsung hasn’t said anything about a possible ICS update for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus.

This phone looks cool and comes with convincing specs for a mid range Android phone. The pricing details haven’t been announced yet. But it is expected to be priced around 15000 INR.

What do you think about this phone ? Do you think it would emulate the success of the Samsung Galaxy Ace ? Share what you think about the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus with us through the comments.