Samsung Galaxy S II Vs HTC Sensation

HTC Introduced the Sensation recently and it has created a lot of buzz. Those who wanted to buy a high end smart phone, is again bought into confusions with another great contender to the smartphone battle. As this device is an Android based device, it will be wise to compare it with the flagship model of Samsung, the Galaxy S II.


Both of them are great devices with specs almost similar to each other, however the Galaxy S II has a small advantage over the Sensation with more RAM and more customizations available. Both are worth every cent of money spent for them. Take a look at this comparison table to get a deeper look at their specifications.

Samsung and HTC, both are Leaders in creating Android smartphones and with this new phone from HTC, the battle between the Korean and the Taiwanese Company has intensified, we can expect more powerful and awesome phones in the future as the competition develops.

Hope you liked the comparison. share your thoughts on the devices with us.

Note: This comparison table was created with the inspiration from Maggadget. Thanks to You guys !