10+ Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Coming to MWC 2012?

According to the latest sources, Samsung might unveil the all new next version of the Galaxy Tab series called Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 at the upcoming Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona. With less than more month for the possible launch of this highly anticipated tablet PC, lots of tech giants out there are confirming the fact that the upcoming version of the Samsung Tablet PC, Galaxy 11.6, might sport a stunning 11.6 inches length.


Compared to the previous versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, this is the largest known as of now. The tablet runs on Google’s latest Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The screen resolution is all set to be 2560 x 1600 while this proves the fact that it would beat Apple’s Retina Display. But, Apple is said to come up with a better Retina Display in it’s own iPad 3.

Also, as sources say, the tablet runs on a dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU. If the reports are true, this tablet is set to come along with a 2 GHz processor. The tablet PC is set to come with Samsung’s Cortex A15 chip, which looks a lot similar to Apple’s A6 chip.

Also, it was a few days back when it was confirmed that Samsung upcoming smartphone in the Galaxy series, Galaxy S3, would not make it’s appearance at the Mobile World Congress. With no Galaxy S3 making it’s appearance at the big event, does that mean that, this event proves to be a poor one for Samsung? Of course, not. So, there might be high probability that Samsung will come with this stunning tablet PC.

What’s your thought? Will Samsung draw the silver curtains aside to display it’s awesome creation, Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6. Do share in your thoughts and also add reasons why this one proves to a better when compared to Galaxy Tab 10.1, unveiled at Samsung Unpacked Event held at Barcelona last year.