Samsung Prepping Galaxy Tab 3 For MWC 2013

Samsung is all set to showcase multiple mobile devices at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress scheduled in February 2013. Along with the launch of Galaxy Note 8.0 among others at the Congress, the mobile phone giant will be offering a first glimpse of their latest Galaxy Tab 3 at the same time. For diehard Samsung fans, this is going to be a tough choice with two equally hi-tech gizmos presumably entering the markets at the same time. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, code named Santos, will be available in four models – GT-P3200, GT-P3210, GT-P5200 and GT-P5210 respectively. Two of them will be 7 inches and two of 10 inches sizes.

Tech specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Going by rumors and past history, some of the common technical specifications of the four models could be:

»        Operating system – Android Jelly Bean,

»        Quad core 1.6GHz central processing unit,

»        1GB random access memory (RAM),

»        1280 x 800 pixels HD resolution screens with superbly clear LCD display,

»        32GB internal memory storage,

»        A micro-SD memory card for extended storage,

»        3G network compatibility with no restricted contractual carriers,

»        Wi-Fi enabled devices for anytime anywhere connectivity,

»        Bluetooth 4.0 for close-range data transfer,

»        5 Megapixel front-facing high definition camera,

»        Long lasting 4,600mAh battery.

It is also rumored that most of the other capabilities and specifications of the different models will be similar, with the screen size presumably the only difference. With the Android operating system, the tablets are sure to have technically well established user interface with a high level of multitasking features with just a tap on the screen.

Competing with its own fraternity

Samsung will also be launching another Android based tablet, Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, model P8200 next month. This is a high-end tablet that will hit the market this year in 16GB and 32GB choices. Galaxy Note 10.1, a second generation notebook will also make its appearance at the same time. So Galaxy Tab 3 will have to compete with its own kind as well as similar products of other brands.

If one were to follow the Samsung trend, one can expect a very sleek and sophisticated design for the Galaxy Tab 3. The initial release of these third generation tablets will be only in white color but hopefully other shades will come into the markets as well for those who like variety. If the rumored technical specifications are true, the tablet will provide users with a lot of scope of home entertainment.

With digital imaging and MP3 compatibility you should be able to download media files at high speeds and enjoy HD quality visuals. Sharing photos and files will be piece of cake as it usually is with Samsung products. There have never been any doubts about Samsung wireless devices so the Galaxy Tab 3 models come with a history of stylish looks and superb performance. What the devices will really be like remains to be seen at Mobile World Congress 2013 in February.



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