Samsung to Quit its Symbian Support Service

Samsung announced officially that it is going to discontinue its Symbian Support Service from the end of this year, that is December 31,2010. Samsung already informed all their developers about this, and will remove all Symbian content by the end of this year.

Samsung is currently focused on manufacturing Android based Smart phones. Samsung is now fully focused on Android and Bada (Their own platform). Samsung’s Tablet device, Galaxy Tab is also powered by Android Platform.

The main members of the Symbian foundation are Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Samsung and Sony Ericsson has already withdrawn from their support service. Nokia said that they will use Symbian only in cheaper models. So the fate of Symbian is really pathetic.


Symbian is one of the widely used platforms and it is facing serious problems from Android, iOS and WP7. If the future versions of Symbian are worthy enough, it may survive in the market, else it may fade to extinction.

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