Scirus – A scientific search engine

If you are doing some scientific research and if you can’t find the meaning of some complex scientific terms using a normal search engine, then try using Scirus. I came to know about this site, when i was surfing around the net. This site is really useful for Students, Teachers and other people who do a lot of research.

Using Google for scientific purposes is one hell of a task. We can use Wolfram Alpha for some complex calculations, but still if we want to search old science journals and blogs which are not optimised for SEO, it is difficult for them to show up in Google Search. So there arises a need for a custom search engine which can effectively search for Scientific content just based on the content of the articles.

Scirus is a search engine dedicated to scientific search. Scirus searches webpages that contain scientific content. Scirus searches about 380 million webpages related to science as of now. You can easily find more information about a scientific term easily using Scirus. Scirus is powered by enterprise search from Microsoft. It ranks pages on a genuine way. Scirus is fast and easy to use and also helps to explore more and more topics related to your search query.


The site also allows you to save your searched queries and their results, so you can save some precious research time and view the results again later.

Update: Sad news guys ! The last time we checked, Scirus was down. We’ll update this post if it is up again. We are on the search for a different scientific search engine. So stay tuned, we’ll write about it once we find something.

Hope Scirus helped you in your research, Try it and share your views in the comments section. If you had any doubts while using it, do let us know through the comments and we’ll help you out.