Is your screen Private

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Is your screen Private?

Would you like a Private screen on your phone or device that only you can see?  Do you ever wonder who else is looking over your shoulder at your personal messages and information?

We all need to use our phones in public spaces and crowded places, but we would really prefer to check our messages and social media pages in private – wouldn’t we?  When you do not have a private place to check your phone, do you ever worry that everyone around you can potentially see whatever you are reading or typing or doing?


Would you like to have a Private Screen on your phone?

Well there might just be a better way, and it can be as simple as running an app on your phone.  No need to install expensive hardware or change the touch screen on your phone or anything too drastic or expensive.

An inventor has shown that you can download an app that changes the screen appearance to white.  Then all you need to do is use a special pair of glasses with a built in interpretation chip which carries the same code as the app on your phone.

If no-one has the code that is contained on the app or on the glasses decoder chip, then you are perfectly safe to read your phone in a public space and no-one else around you will be able to read your phone.

The built in decoder chip will automatically communicate with the phone app and using the magic of decoding software, be able to unscramble everything on the screen and make it visible to only the person with the decoding software.


Data encryption is a safe way to keep data private

So the great benefit of this technology is that the code can be used to change the screen encryption as often as the user desires.  So even if someone else has tried to crack the code and use a similar pair of glasses to read your screen, then the software simply changes the code, and only your phone and your glasses know what the change was.

This is the classic advantage of data encryption, in that the software can change the code internally, faster than a hacker can find the new code and begin to eavesdrop.


Can we see each other’s data?

We can all protect our own information, even if we all use the same encryption device.

Even if there is a whole roomful of people using a similar system to protect their own screen privacy, there is very little chance that at any time any two users will have the same code.  So this means that we can all use exactly the same privacy system as each other, and we will never have the opportunity to spy on each other.


What is the benefit of data privacy?

The best part of this data security system is that when you have the privacy to check your screen away from prying eyes, you will not need to turn the app on.  You can simply use your phone in regular mode.

Even if you are in a public area, or if you don’t have anything important to do, then you can still check for messages or check for alerts and notifications without worrying about important information being spied on.

Private Screen

A Private screen is very discreet

But if you suddenly receive an important message, and you just can’t find a private space to deal with an important piece of information, then all you need to do is to switch on the app, slip on the discreet spectacles, and you have total confidence that your confidential data will remain private from those wondering eyes all around you!

That is what we like about this new phone security system, it can be used whenever you need it, but it doesn’t have to cause you a lot of inconvenience to use it!


Ahhh, I just love my privacy!


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