How To: Search Domains across Multiple TLDs Simultaneously

While registering domain names, we would wonder if the domain name is taken in other TLDs or If the .com version of a domain name is taken, we would like to check other TLDs. But it is really a painstaking process to search the availability of a domain name in multiple TLDs.


iwantmyname is a domain registration site, which lets you check the availability of a domain name in more than 90+ popular TLDs. This will considerably reduce your workload. Their domain registration prices are little higher than other industry leaders, but it is a great tool for checking the availability of your brand name.

All you have to do is to head over to the site and enter your required domain name in the text box, located at the centre of the site. Just type it in and click enter, and you will be provided with the results which’ll let you know if the name is taken or not in multiple TLDs. The search results page is simple and neat and has options to purchase the domain name, right from there.

Use this service to check often to know if anyone is misusing your brands name. I’ve recently found a site misusing Axleration’s name and I am gonna take some steps to take that site down now. Hope this article helped you. Stay in touch.

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