Search eBooks With Ease With NeoTake

The way in which Generation Y reads books is totally contradictory to the traditional method of reading books. Now People go for eBooks than the traditional printed books. There are many advantages, including portability and sharing. Butt the problem is it is difficult to find eBooks for our need in this vast internet.


To help us in this process of searching eBooks comes, NeoTake. Neotake makes it easy to search for ebooks. They describe themselves as “your ebook search engine”.

The User interface is not much difficult to use, it is very much simple to use without any complications but it lacks some useful options too. It provides search results from Amazon and other online book stores. The price of the book, author and other minor details are shown along the search results.

Neotake is a worthy eBook search engine if you are interested in finding legitimate eBooks for reading.

Happy Reading 🙂

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