How To: See Content in Wikipedia Even When it is Blacked Out

The latest news that Wikipedia has blacked out the full site, has set the internet world we live in, abuzz. Wherever I head, I find people talking about this new 24 hours change that Wikipedia brought. With 24 hours of no access to the content in Wikipedia, most of the internet users out there have been becoming really irritated. With Wikipedia being the free and the most widely used encyclopedia on the internet, this new change has irritated a lot of users out there, including me.


Fortunately, I came across a pretty cool solution that will allow you to access Wikipedia and get information from it, though the officials have blocked the content. If you are a geek, you would of course have noticed the fact that the large black screen in Wikipedia right now, runs on JavaScript. Disabling the JavaScript in your browser, will give you access to the content in Wikipedia.

[stextbox id=”info”]How to Disable JavaScript ?[/stextbox]

If you are using Google Chrome to browse the web, hit the Spanner button at the top right of the browser. Once you hit it, there pops a drop down list and in that opt to go inside Options. Once the tab options, you will find a button named Under the hood on the left side. Enter and there lies another button titled Content Settings. Once you go in, there lies a section labeled JavaScript. Hit the Do not allow any site to run JavaScript. Once you exit the settings tab, go and land yourself in Wikipedia. You will no longer see that big, black banner. Instead, you can use Wikipedia as usual.

On the other hand if you are using Mozilla Firefox, head to the Options tab by navigating from the tab labeled Firefox at the top left of the browser. Once the Options tab opens, in the underlying Content tab, there lies a button labeled Enable JavaScript. Untick the box and there goes it. You are free to use Wikipedia now.

You can disable JavaScript in any browser and once you do so, you will no longer find that big, irritating, black banner in the Wikipedia site. Once Wikipedia removes the banner, that is come out of the protest march after a few hours, you can re-enable the JavaScript. Make sure to spread this post very soon to all your friends, who are in need of Wikipedia very much right now.