Send Files to Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox Quickly from Windows’ Right-Click Menu [Tip]

Windows Right-Click menu is a Swiss army knife for many power users of Windows. You can use the right-click context menu to quickly send your files to Google Drive, Dropbox or Skydrive, if you find dragging and dropping a bit time consuming. You can add these cloud drives to the “Send to” sub menu in the right click context menu.


This is a very simple trick and can come very handy if you are using multiple cloud drives. It is easy to setup too. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Just copy paste this into the navigation bar and click enter.

    [stextbox id=”grey”]%APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo[/stextbox]

  3. You’ll be taken to a folder. Create shortcuts for your cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive or other cloud based drives and drop them here.
  4. The next time, you right click, you can find the corresponding cloud drives in the Send to sub menu.,

If you are not comfortable with this method, you can try a simple app known as FileMenu Tools. FileMenu Tools’ GUI is intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t find it difficult to use. You can customize the Right-Click context menu to your heart’s content using this freeware.

Hope this tip helped you to share files quickly between your multiple cloud drives. If you have any queries regarding this process, do drop in a comment, if you know any better app for this purpose, do let us know.

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Download FileMenu Tools – Right-Click Context Menu Editor