Send Large Files Easily Using Adobe Sendnow

Adobe Sendnow is a new service from Adobe. Sendnow allows you to send large files as attachments to your friends or family.  SendNow allows you to send, share, and track large files online without the headache of email limitations or FTP hassles or costly file sharing services for Free.

Usually email services have limitations for sending attachments. Gmail allows 25MB and Yahoo allows 20MB only. If you want to send larger files than this, you need to go for File Sharing services that costs you a lots of bucks. Though there are free services, this one from Adobe can be called as the best.

Sendnow verifies your files for virus. You can share files with your friends or email them the files and confirm whether it had been delivered properly or not. It supports office documents, ZIP files, PDF files etc.. but you cannot send videos or music files.


There are free as well as paid plans available. For free accounts, the size of any file must not exceed 100MB and the storage limit is 500MB. Try Adobe Sendnow and share large files easily.

Try Adobe Sendnow and share your views with us.