SEO Campaign for Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing - Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Implementing SEO Techniques to Your Instagram Marketing

When it comes to making your business marketing campaign successful, the topmost rule is to adhere to the changes and trends that are currently dominating the market. Keeping up with the modern-day marketing campaigns and trends is ideal for boosting your business. With social media dominating the phase of today’s online marketing campaign, marketers are looking for the most creative and innovative ways to promote their business and reaching out to their targeted audience. While investing in social media marketing campaigns, focusing your efforts on Instagram marketing will be a huge boost for your brand, as well as, for the success of your overall SEO.

SEO has always been the key resource and tool for online businesses to achieve the required visibility on the search engines in order to boost their sales and rates. Utilizing SEO techniques for your Instagram marketing campaign can do a lot of wonders for your brand awareness on the social media.

Here are some of the ways through which you can leverage your SEO techniques for an enhanced Instagram marketing campaign and gain real Instagram followers:

Capitalizing on the Potential of Hashtags

Instagram Marketing - Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

If you are a part of the techno-generation, you will have a brief idea about the application of hashtags on the social media. These hashtags are like the keywords that you utilize for your SEO campaign and the only difference is the “#” sign that is put in front of the phrases. Generally speaking, hashtags function in a similar manner the way keywords work on the major search engines. They make your posts more discoverable and lump your content with other similar kinds of posts that fall under the same category of hashtags. As keywords in the SEO campaign allows you to engage with your target audience, hashtags also let the users on Instagram find and engage with the content that they were looking for.

With the proper application of hashtags, not only will you be able to expose your brand in front of a larger audience base, but you will also be able to reach out to your target audience. For this, you will need to work out on a keyword research on the hashtag phrases that you will be using on your posts.

Leveraging Instagram’s Business Tools

Back in 2016, Instagram declared that it would be announcing upgraded business tools to help new brands on the visual-sharing platform. There are three primary benefits to what Instagram announced including finding prospective customers, getting insights, and standing out. Here are tools that the platform introduced to help businesses accomplishing this:

Business Profiles

Instagram allows you to switch to the business account that instantly separates you from other personal accounts on the platform. With having your own business account on the channel, you have been provided with the ability to link in additional details along with the contact of your business that allows your customers to reach out to you. This lets your customers get answers to their query directly through mail or phone instead of waiting for commenting and getting a reply.


Once you have switched to the business profile, you are provided with the flexibility to access insights and promotions that comes in handy for your overall Instagram marketing and social media success. The business account on Instagram allows you to analyze your ongoing performance on the platform and improve your posts for higher user engagement in the upcoming time. Apart from that, it helps you in gaining the information regarding your followers reach and see how well your entire marketing campaign is going on the platform in contrast to your peers.


This is perhaps the best thing that has been introduced by the mobile-exclusive platform where you get the ability to promote your brand all over the platform. All you need to do is finding your best post that will help you in gaining more recognition and engagement while promoting your content all over the channel. To make the most out of the promotion, make sure that you have selected the best photo that you have already shared on the platform and integrate a call to action button to it. After that, you have to add the link of your landing page while simultaneously setting the budget for the app. The best part of this feature is that you can select your own audience that you wish to engage with or can go with the suggestion that Instagram provides you with. The completion of this procedure will showcase your ad along with your content on the news feed of the users, leading more traffic driven to your site and boosting your SEO as well.

Enhancing User Engagement

You might come across experts telling you to provide the highest quality of content possible for gaining more user engagement. However, the truth is that engagement is never a one-sided affair. You have to engage with your audience first in order to secure their response in a more positive and delicate manner. This again makes the application of hashtags important, as they can help you in finding like-minded people that are looking for the same type of content that you are providing. Engaging with more and more people in a humanized manner will offer you the opportunity to forge your own user community, which can act as an asset for promoting your business and pitching your sales online.

Post Consistently

Instagram marketing and SEO calls for consistency and regular updates in your content. Since there are around 80 million posts being shared every day on the channel, you will have to make sure that you are providing your followers with regular content that stand out on both quality and engagement. In order to be consistent with your content marketing strategies on Instagram, you can opt for free tools that will help you in scheduling your posts strategically.

Conclusion – Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be the ideal tool for marketing your business in the most effective manner if you are able to work on the right tactics. Utilize the aforementioned tactics and gain a huge number of engagement and followers for your profile.