Share Dropbox Folders With Facebook Friends [How-To]

Pen drives and external hard disk drives are the thing of the past now. Sharing stuff over the cloud services is the latest trend. There are lots of cloud storage services out there and Dropbox seems the best in the niche. Google Drive and SkyDrive are some of the fierce competitors to Dropbox. There are other services too like Box, iCloud and a lot more.

One of the peculiar things of Dropbox is the shared folder concept. On Dropbox, you can easily create a folder and invite your friends to join it and thus make it a shared folder. A file stored in the shared folder gets synced between your computer and your friends’ computers easily. Thus sharing stuff between people becomes a lot more easier.


And getting on to the topic, Dropbox has recently announced a brand new concept of sharing folders with your Facebook friends. Now, lets see how that works.

Inviting Facebook Friends to a Dropbox Folder

  • Log into your Dropbox account.
  • Head to Account Settings and link your Facebook account.
  • Come back to Dropbox home.
  • Right click the folder that you want to share and click “Invite to Folder“.
  • In the “Invite collaborators to this folder” section, type the name of your Facebook friend and Dropbox will populate his Facebook ID. Click on it.
Sharing Dropbox Folder With Facebook Friends
  • Finally add a personal message below in the available box.
  • Click on “Share Folder“.
  • Wait till your friend joins! 🙂

That’s it. The shared folder is now created. Once your Facebook friend joins the folder, you guys can easily drop in files in that folder to share stuff. If you aren’t on Dropbox yet, join Dropbox with this link and we both get 500MB for free!

What do you think about this new Dropbox feature? A lovely one, agree? If you find any troubles while inviting your Facebook friend, feel free to drop in a comment or contact with us personally over here.