Should Your Brand be on Pinterest? [Infographic]

Right now, when anyone speaks about social media Pinterest is one of those most spoken new social media sites out there. Know why? Though Pinterest had been active for the past two years, it was just a few months back since the site started to get noticed by the folks and as of now, it is generating millions and millions of visitors mainly, with most of them being women. While most are already getting on the site, there are actually other people who consider getting their brand’s presence in this new site. If it surprises you, Pinterest is now one of those top 10 social media sites that you must not avoid to market your brand. Though the site has the capability of sharing only pictures, it is said to bring a good deal of traffic to the blogs and websites out there. So, there is a possibility that your brand will get benefited with Pinterest.


To make the things further more easy to understand, here is an infographic from Intuit that will help you consider whether your blog or brand, or whatever, must create a presence on Pinterest. This clean infographic from Intuit proves to be a great friend when you are extremely confused whether to create your brand’s presence on the site. As you can see below, the folks from Intuit have worked really hard to present this infographic in a format that will actually love tempting and also prove to be easy to understand. Starting from the top, you can easily navigate down and finally get to know whether your brand ought to get on Pinterest or not.

Have you taken a look at the above infographic? So, what’s your thought? Still confused or have you made up your mind already? And by the way, if you haven’t got on Pinterest yet, for your information, Pinterest allows users to join the site only if you have an invite from a previous Pinterest user. So, do drop in your email id on Google+ and we will give you an invite very soon.