Siri in iPhone 4S [Video Demo]

Apple introduced the Siri technology in it’s latest version of iPhone, that’s iPhone 4S. Yesterday, at the Apple iPhone 4S launch event, Apple revealed the Siri tech with which you can give voice commands to your iPhone 4S and get the results in a few seconds.


You can do anything as if you are talking to a human. Just speak to your iPhone 4S and get the answers in seconds. You can do anything like ask a question, check out the availability of movie tickets, book tickets, check out the weather forecast and time in any place, text to your friend and much, only with the power of your voice.

It seems like the stuff in Sci-Fi movies. But the thing is that you cannot use the Siri tech in the previous versions of iPhone. You have to own an iPhone 4S to use this newly added feature. It’s because, this software is CPU-intensive and hence will run only on iPhone 4S with it’s new A5 chip. So the previous versions of iPhone users are in for a disappointment.

Now, here in this video we can see a jogging man in deep conversation with his iPhone 4S and second comes a man stuck up in a traffic. He asks his iPhone 4S regarding the traffic in that part of the city. On getting the results, he asks his iPhone 4S to text a message to his wife that he is going to be 30 minutes late.


Next comes a lady asking her iPhone 4S about the weather forecast in San Fransisco and Napa Valley. You can also get cooking instructions with your iPhone 4S, as you can see in the fourth section of the video. You can also set timer in your iPhone 4S by just commanding it to do so. And in the sixth part comes the texting part. Seems fun right now. Doesn’t it? Check out the video for a realistic view.

The video at last adds “Some features may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Wi-Fi connection may be required. Cellular data charges may apply.”