Apple Unveils Siri in iPhone 4S

A few days back, we heard rumors that Apple was going launch a new feature called the “Assistant” in it’s upcoming version of iPhone. Yesterday at the Apple iPhone launch event, Apple officially confirmed the presence of Siri Technology (Not called the “Assistant”) in this latest version of iPhone.  In this version, iPhone 4S, the Siri feature allows you to give voice commands to the iPhone and in turn the iPhone will give you results.


For example, you can ask your iPhone the weather in your city or any other country and you will end up with the weather forecasts in your iPhone screen. And also you can use this tech to check out the movie tickets availability, the tickets costs and much more with your voice power. Just speak something to your device and get the results.

What we really want to do is talk to our device. Siri is your intelligent assistant and helps you get things done, just by asking.” says Schiller from Apple.

To put it simple, this Siri feature will let you operate the full iPhone with just your voice commands. You can use this new feature for texting messages, email, navigation, and much more.  A few sources say that this Siri feature also integrates the Wolfram Alpha with which you can solve intensive mathematical problems.

This one has an “info” button which is bundled up with all the voice commands for your use. Also this new software remembers all your commands and stores them for future use.

So what’s your thought on this new navigation system? Will this Siri feature prove to a hit in this new version of Apple iPhone? Will the Apple fans love it? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.