Siri Like App for Android – Iris

If you are one of those many people who cried in vain when Apple introduced the Siri with iPhone 4S simply because you can’t do what they do, then don’t worry more ! Android has got something as good as Siri.


Iris, yup it is Siri spelled backwards and it has a funny expansion too, it is IntelligentRival Imitator of Siri. Iris is a personal assistant (sort-of) app for your Android device. It does not let set alarms or create calendar events through voice commands like Siri does, but it is more on the entertaining side. However it can call/text someone or lookup for a contact.

When you ask questions to Iris, it pulls out answers for those questions from the web. The answers are mostly accurate, it also provides clickable links and images whenever available. The interface is neat and easy to use, it is inspired by the ICS interface and the voice recognition is good.

Narayan Babu, with his Dexetra team built this app within a short span of 8 hours in a hackathon. It is still in its alpha stage and is becoming viral, we can expect this app to do more Siri like things in the future.

In short, Iris lets you call/text someone, lookup for a contact and search the web using voice commands.

If you need a More Siri like app for Android, you can go for Vlingo. It lets you send emails, update FB statuses, find restaurants nearby and more using voice commands. It would be great if Iris evolves to have more Siri like features.

Note: You need to have “Voice Search” and “TTS library” installed in your phone for iris. to work. Most of the phones have these pre-installed, if not please install them from Android market before you try iris.

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Download Iris from The Android Market

Download Vlingo From the Android Market

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