YouTube Gears Up to the Festive Season With Snowflakes in Videos

As you read in the title, YouTube now sports a cool snowflake button at the bottom right, which when clicked starts making snowflakes to fall to the bottom of the video from the top. This indeed confirms YouTube’s happy and festive mood to celebrate the upcoming Christmas with much pomp and fun.


As you might have noticed after trying this, you can start playing the falling snowflakes. When you move your mouse near the falling snowflakes, they start moving away from the moue point. Also, when you click the video, the video pauses but those tireless snowflakes continue to fill your video screen.

Users ought to know that, the play bar also sports a brand new snowflake button which replaces the default round button. As the video play progresses, the snowflake button moves along to the right denoting the end of the video.

Also, these two new additions don’t seem to be available in all the videos. Only a certain videos come with these cool features enabled. We are not yet sure of the working algorithm of this YouTube feature. That is, which lucky videos sport this new feature.

If you are patient enough to wait, you can find the snowflakes filling up the screen starting from the bottom. Once they start filling the screen, you can either leave them alone or clear the video using two available options. One way is to refresh the screen. There is another option. Clicking the snowflakes button available at the bottom right, will clear up all the snowflakes on the screen.

[stextbox id=”info”]Hurry Guys – This feature won’t last long[/stextbox]

Well, it quite sure that these two newly added features won’t last long in the lifetime. YouTube is sure to kick out these two new features once Christmas is over. So, you better hurry and start playing with the falling snowflakes in certain YouTube videos. Here is a YouTube video, where you can have a live go at the snowflaking in the video fun : Bruce Springsteen – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – 2007

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Google is celebrating this holiday season not only with it’s video product, YouTube. There have been made lots of other new additions to the internet giant, Google. A few noteworthy being Let It Snow – Snow flakes in the Google Search, Google’s new updated doodle featuring the main Christmas items and other Google Search tricks.