Social Media Drives Teens to the Cruel World [Infographic]

These days the Web is what everyone seems to be immersed with. With the social media sites constituting more than half the web, it is sure that each teen owns his/her own social networking account. Without doubt, social media is taking over the entire web in just a matter of time.


As of now, according to a report by ZoneAlarm, more than 76% teens aged between 12 and 17 are online in this web with their own social networking account. Being online, what exactly do these guys do? ZoneAlarm took an approach to solve this evil problem and here is the report.

80%+ social media teens mostly do what everyone does. That’s the commenting job. You upload a photo of you and there goes it. You find lots of likes and comments for your photo. Commenting is one of the top done jobs when it comes to social networking.

Well, there are many other who play games, send private messages, chat with friends and do a lot of other jobs with their buddies. But when compared to all the jobs done by the social media teens, commenting on others’ post forms the largest circle.

Did you ever know that the teens ages between 12 and 17 are much more cruel to others online, than the adults. This report has nailed the fact that social media teens are really cruel to others. When questioned, the surveyed people have given the reply that 69% of the online teens are good whereas few have quoted 20% of the teens being cruel and unkind to others.

Also, ZoneAlarm, adds three pretty useful tips for the parents, at the end of the infographic, to keep their children safe from harmful activities. ZoneAlarm recommends parents to track their kids’ online activities and safeguard them.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Dig into this below infographic to know more about the world of social networking of today’s teens. Make sure to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Source [ZoneAlarm]