Social Media’s Views on Today’s Tech [Infographic]

For the past 2 months, a lot of trending news have been running in this tech world. First came Facebook with the newly re-designed profile called the Timeline and up came many other new features in Facebook. Next, Apple announced iOS 5 and iCloud followed closely by iPhone 4S. In the middle of these happenings, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire in competition with Apple’s iPad.


Lab42, a consumer research online tool and popular infographics maker, came up with an infographic titled “What the Tech?!” bundled up with all the latest tech news and what the social media users think about these new tech news. This infographic in not merely based on some kind of probability or random junk. Instead it was creatively made with the results obtained on a small survey conducted among a few social media users between September 30th and October 2nd.

As you can see below, in the Apple niche, 27% of the surveyed people are ready to buy the new shiny iPhone 4S with full price. 18% people are waiting for a good time to upgrade and 9% are ready to switch when their contract is up. 5% are to switch carriers when they buy iPhone 4S and on the other hand, 22% are in confusion whether to switch or not and 19% are sure that they won’t change to iPhone 4S.

In the Facebook category, 26% of the surveyed people say that they are comfortable with the new changes while 24% are extremely dissatisfied with the new changes in Facebook. 50% agree that they will get used to the new Facebook changes. In my case, I go along with that 26% agreeing category.

Well, there is a lot more in this infographic. Check out the infographic to get more info on Amazon’s Kindle Fire survey and Netflix’s subscribers count and more.


Via [Mashable]