Solar Energy by Tesla

Tesla solar roof tile

Have you seen the latest solar energy technology?

We always love to learn about the new technology here at, and the latest innovations in the collection of solar energy are really exciting!

First we saw the Powerwall brought to us by Tesla, and this seemed like an excellent way to save some money on our electricity bills.  Thanks to Elon Musk, and his innovative company, every household now has the opportunity to store their own electrical energy, and to be somewhat independent in terms of their own energy usage.

But since the Powerwall was well received by the public, there have been even more advances in the technology of solar energy collection, and we thought you might like to read about some of the latest innovations that have been brought to the market.


Solar Panels are nothing new

Solar photo voltaic cells have been around for a long time now, and we are all familiar with the technology that converts energy from the sun into electrical power that can be used to supplement the energy provided by mains power supplies.

In fact many households around the world have invested in solar cells so that they can collect their own solar energy that would otherwise be wasted on the roof of their own homes.  Additionally, for many years, people have been using the energy from the Sun to supplement the heating of water for domestic use, which is also a great way to utilize energy from the sun.


Tesla solar roof tile

Welcome the Tesla solar roof tiles

Recently, Tesla announced a revolutionary design of roofing material for domestic households.  The solar photo voltaic cells have now been incorporated directly into the construction of roof tiles.  The Tesla solar roof tile is actually an innovative roofing product that combines the utility of collecting solar energy within the actual roof tile, so that you don’t need to install solar panels onto your existing roof.

Future construction of houses will simply involve the application of solar roofing tiles that can collect solar energy from the roof, and then supply electrical energy either directly for domestic usage, or redirect the surplus energy back into the electricity grid, or direct the electrical power to recharge the household battery storage.  And this is where the Powerwall comes into reckoning, as the battery storage device charges up during the day when solar energy is most available, and then discharges during the evening as the household requires use of that energy.


Tesla has unveiled solar roof tiles

Solar roof tiles are the way of the future

Telsa solar roof tiles will be available in many different designs, styles and colors depending on the style of construction, and the individual preference of the home owner.  The solar tiles will be made to conform with standard construction regulations and building codes so that there is no problem around the traditional construction methods

The best part is that the solar roof tiles have been designed to integrate with the Powerwall system, so that the system operates seamlessly with your household, and can be optimised to deliver the most cost effective solution for your electricity needs.  Because the whole roof can be used to collect energy from the Sun, there is the potential to collect more than enough energy for your family’s needs.  Not only will you be able to save money on your regular electricity bills, but you should be able to re-direct excess electricity back into the power grid, which could even make you some profit!


What if you have a high energy consumption?

Do you use a lot of energy in your home or garage?  This can include the normal household utensils, hot water, and especially the air conditioner.  But we need to think about some of the other appliances that we run in the household, such as that freezer, second refrigerator, and maybe even the dehumidifier that sits humming quietly in the basement.  All of these appliances use energy!  And the list goes on, there are the various power tools and appliances that we use in the garage or shed.  That portable air compressor and drill press also use a lot of energy!  How about your electric chainsaw or even your best battery chainsaw – imagine driving that from your own energy supply!

So if you are concerned that you need to use more electricity than the solar roof tile system can generate, then the Tesla Powerwall can easily be expanded to include 2 battery storage systems, and the integrated power supply will continue to collect and store enough energy during the day to supply all of your energy needs throughout the night.

While the set up cost may be reasonably expensive for a double battery storage system, just imagine how much money you will be saving off every electricity bill in the future!


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