Make solar power from your windows

How to Make solar power from windows
The house of the future is described to us as being fully remotely controllable and having complete autonomy from the national grids. We know about the benefits of recycling and how recycling can save energy.  But what about new ways to gather solar energy?  The way of the future is increasingly going to use the green energy sources available at the moment like the wind and water power or solar energy. Now, if we were to choose solar energy, we don’t have to limit our options to the solar panels that we are currently accustomed to.

Solar energy from our house is already a reality when you consider the technology that Tesla has produced.  Check out our article on how to make solar power from your roof.  And you can even store the solar energy in your own Tesla Powerwall battery, see how easy it is to do.

How to make solar power from your windows

The answer to the question “Why other solar energy sources are there?” is because scientists have already managed to create a fully transparent solar concentrator that transforms any transparent surface into a photovoltaic cell that processes the Sun’s energy. This leads to making solar panels directly out of our windows which completely eliminates the need for maintenance and extra space for the old panels.

Photovoltaics allow us to make solar power from your windows

Actually, the existence of a transparent photovoltaic cell is a bit oxymoronic given the fact that the energy must be absorbed into the photovoltaic cell. Or, according to the definition of transparency, the light is capable to go through the material, without being absorbed. To go around this issue, researchers at the Michigan State used TLSC. This is a chemical compound made from metallic salts that absorb invisible wavelengths of UV and infrared light, transforming them into a slightly different infrared wavelength that is sent to the photovoltaic cells on the edge of the sheet. The photovoltaic process to convert light energy into electricity is already well known and understood.

How to Make solar power from windows

This actually means that every block of transparent photovoltaic cells will be lined with black strips on the edges. Still, if we think it at a large scale, this invention could soon be replacing the traditional solar panels by simply sticking these sheets of transparent plastic to houses and block windows. Also, it can be used on a smartphone display that will charge while the device is being used outdoors.

Windows can be a great source of solar power

For now, the technology needs to be tested in the laboratory and only after these are completed, try the idea of an industrial implementation. Researchers are quite confident that this won’t be a problem and that their technology is going to be the future of home owners and building offices using solar energy as the main source of energy. The idea is actually ingenious, because the only problem when it comes to harvesting this amazing resource is the space solar panels occupy. Even more, their efficiency is improving all the time, and battery storage technology is increasing also!

Make solar power from your windows today!

If we manage to remove these big, ugly panes from our lives, and replace them with transparent sheets of plastic and glass that can be both windows and solar panels, life would definitely be better!



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