Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone ‘Zues Z1’ is No More a Myth, Caught on Video and It is Cool

Wow ! The Long rumored PlayStation Phone codenamed as ‘Zues Z1’ from Sony Ericsson is not going to last forever as a rumor. A neat, decent video of the phone is released (Not Officially). Previously a blurry video was circulated stating that the phone displayed on it was the Zeus Z1, but it was doubted to be the Dell Streak. But now in this video, it is all clear that the phone really do exist.

The Phone looks cool, the rumored specifications are that the mobile would be having a 5MP camera. Maybe a separate PlayStation store for this mobile may come up. This phone runs on Android Gingerbread as shown in the video which is really awesome. This Phone could solve the problem that Android don’t have much games when compared to the iPhone.

This Second video gives a closer look at the Playstation Icon in the phone’s interface. I am all excited to hear about this guys. An Android phone with Playstation mingled with it ! Lets see what it is gonna bring. Should not disappoint all of us.

Hope you enjoyed the Videos Guys !

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