Sponsored Ads Appear in Facebook Ticker

If you have hated the Facebook ticker, a lightweight newsfeed seem on the upper right corner of the website, right from it’s introduction, here comes a reason for you to love it. As you read in the title, the ticker is now set to carry sponsored stories too.


Starting on Monday, we are continuing to slowly roll out Sponsored Stories in [the] ticker across Facebook. Sponsored Stories help people see more relevant marketing on Facebook and they can be twice as engaging as ads on Facebook.” said Annie Ta, a Facebook spokesperson.

Earlier when Facebook launched this lightweight newsfeed, a lot of mixed reviews appeared in the web. A few liked this new addition while others wanted to kick that out of their newsfeed. The ticker shows all the real-time updates from your friends such as Dave likes Axleration, Johnny and Arun are now friends. Such updates from Facebook gave the users a strong reason to hate it.

It’s not only updates from friends. Later on, Facebook developed the ticker to show more updates from applications such as Spotify, a music service for Facebook.

As we note, the users have now stopped giving much importance to the advertising section. The very existence of Facebook is due to the growing advertising platform in Facebook. To regain it’s popularity in that niche, Facebook has planned to add the Sponsored Stories to it’s lightweight newsfeed, ticker.

ClickZ notes that Facebook introduced the Sponsored Stories in January and the ad units have become an integral part of Facebook’s pitch to political agencies, brands and marketers.