Spotify Gets a Place in Facebook’s Lap

Facebook, the popular social networking site, is really good at discovering what we do, our current status and much more. But what about music? That’s the only thing Facebook lacks now. In order to bridge the gap, Facebook on Thursday, announced it’s partnership with popular music services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG and much more. Earlier we heard a lot of rumors regarding Facebook’s partnership with popular music services. And that rumor turned out to be real in this Facebook f8 conference which took place on Thursday.


With the launch of these music services, you can now hear songs in Facebook and let your friends know what you are hearing right now. Also you will get to know what songs your friends are hearing on Facebook and also you can join them in hearing that song. Let us head on below to see how Spotify works with Facebook.

At the f8 conference, Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, shared a few words with the people on how Spotify works with Facebook. How to hear songs? How much will it cost? And much more. Now let us have a look at the below video to know more.


Seems fun. Isn’t it? Facebook is right now rolling this to everyone now. When you start seeing the seeing the new play buttons, you can start hearing songs. And moreover it’s free! Thanks to Spotify and Facebook for introducing this new feature.