Statistics For May Month

May is my favorite month. It was great for me, both in terms of personal and blogger life. May was great for Axleration. Traffic flow was good. Revenue from Adsense was great.


We didn’t post a lot due to a lot of work load. But the posts received great responses. These responses from readers like you is the fuel that keep us running towards our goals. We couldn’t have achieved this without you all ! Thanks a lot to you guys !

Traffic Stats

Traffic was at its highest for Axleration during the month of May. We used Google Analytics for traffic reports. We received around 47,986 Visits and 65,586 Pageviews. Out of which 94.93% were new visitors. Google bought us more traffic followed by other social networking sites. I tried MGID and it bought in some cool traffic, but unfortunately I had to remove it due to Adsense policy changes.

Revenue Stats

We at Axleration are currently using Adsense alone. We are not trying other ad networks. So our only source of income is from Adsense. Revenue from adsense touched highest points ever for us. For as many as 75,733 impressions we got 81.79 USD.  Revenue from Adsense keeps increasing every moth. That’s some good news ! 😉

General Stats

Alexa rank didn’t change much and it is around 75K. We posted 27 posts this month, much below our average. Comments this month was like never before, so as spam. We had a difficult time dealing with spam.

Keep Supporting us guys ! We need you more than ever before. Comment below or Contact Us to share your greetings with us