Stop iPhone’s Notifications With a Single Click

If you are having a jailbroken iPhone, then you can stop all those annoying notifications with a single click. Many apps nowadays have those push notifications which keeps disturbing us, every second. Facebook is the one which annoys me the most with those farmville and some other ville notifications.


While we are at work or during some important meetings or during a call, we don’t need those notifications. But, when we are relaxing, we don’t mind looking at those notifications. But, it is difficult to switch off/on notifications from all the apps we are using. So, it’ll be better if we have a single switch that’ll do that stuff for us.

DoNotDisturb for Jailbroken iPhones is an app that lets you do that with a single click. All you have to do is, just download and install the app from ModMyi Repo in Cydia. It is available for free there. Once you install it, you can find it at the notification centre. Just toggle it on and you are free from all those disturbing notifications. If you don’t find it at the notification centre, you can switch it on by going to the Settings app and turning it on manually from Notifications.

The beauty of the app is that, it doesn’t hide notifications permanently. The badges on the app icons will still add up, so you can take a look at the stuff you’ve missed while you are away. Neat, isn’t it ?

Try the app and share your thoughts with us. If you know any other similar app, let us know.

Download DoNotDisturb

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