Stop Friends From Posting Spam Videos on Your Wall in Facebook

Facebook is now bundled/cluttered with two spam videos spreading throughout the site. Wherever you land in Facebook, you will most probably come across two spam videos. One video is titled “[Video] Girl killed herself after her dad posted a secret of her on her fb wall!!” and the other one titled “[Video] Yeeah!! This happens on Live Teleevision“.


Once clicked by an user, the spam videos will automatically land in his / her friends’ wall with his / her name in the description section of the video. If something happens similar happens to you, it is sure to destroy your reputation, right ? Facebook is in route to clear up this mess before it takes place in everyone’s Facebook accounts.

Until then, here is a pretty cool solution that will prevent your friends’ to post on your Facebook wall / Timeline. Well, it’s not a trick. It’s just a feature in Facebook that will prevent friends from posting in your wall. How to enable it ?

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Hit the dropdown button at the top right and select Privacy Settings
  3. In the 5 sections below, go into the How you connect tab
  4. There lies an option titled Who can post in your timeline. Change the settings to Only Me and hit the Done button

Voila ! Now, your Facebook profile is now secure. People can no longer post nasty spam videos in your Timeline. This makes sure to keep your Timeline safe and clean. Share this post with all your friends affected by this.