The Best Strategies to Solve Annoying Calls and Texts

Many have already experienced being flooded by a lot of calls and texts from people they don’t even know. You won’t find these numbers on your phone book and they never stop calling and texting you. To make things worse, they are not even answering when you call or texted them back. This is really annoying if you are expecting calls from important people and they can’t call you because of these annoying calls. Is there any way to prevent these people from calling you over and over again?

Go for the Hard Way

The best way is to spam them with calls and texts until they are forced to reply to your questions and queries. Ask them about their identity and what do they want from you. Sometimes, some of your friends are just joking with you but most of the time, these are people who want to ruin your life. This is a hard method to consider because you need to spend time calling and texting them until they answer.

Ask the Police

The help of the police might also be a good idea when it comes to these problems. This is only possible, however, if the prank caller is already harassing or sending threats to you. The police won’t even bother looking at your report if you only told them that it is calling you over and over again. This kind of report will just be a bother to team and they have tons of problems to deal with. If you are going to ask for the help of the police, you have to make sure that the caller is already harassing you.

Block the Number

You can try calling your mobile service provider and ask to block the numbers for you. They will provide you with information on how to block these numbers. The only problem is that they can still call or text you by using other numbers. This is a lot of work especially if you are blocking every unknown number that will try to call you. What if you blocked the number of your friend who is trying to call or text you using another number?

Reverse Phone Lookup

This is a paid services but it doesn’t really matter, right? This is probably the best solution when it comes to annoying phone calls and texts. By considering some of the reverse phone look up websites, you can try to search their numbers there and find information and personal details about the number’s owner. Though it has a certain fee that you need to pay, they provide accurate services that will surely help you out with your concerns.

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