StumbleUpon’s Success Story [Infographic]

The world of Social media or marketing, as we all know, is currently dominated by the popular three : Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Beyond these social media sites, there is a much more bigger giant, StumbleUpon in terms of discovery. StumbleUpon is by far the best place online to get suggested with many sites on the web.


One of the major features in or advantages with StumbleUpon is that, it suggests you with related sites. When you visit any tech site, StumbleUpon has suggestions of tech related sites, so that you can continue your techy read. Started by Garret Camp and Geoff Smith, StumbleUpon aims at helping the users different new sites.

Distilled came up with an awesome infographic titled “StumbleUpon – A success story“, bundled with interesting facts of StumbleUpon right from it’s birth until now.

As we can see below, StumbleUpon was started before the 2000’s and in 2001, StumbleUpon took $1.2M in angel funding. In the mid 2007, StumbleUpon was bought by eBay for $75M.  StumbleUpon had good years in the hands of eBay and in the second half of 2009, StumbleUpon came out of the hands from eBay to be an independent self-company. In the meantime, came a new StumbleUpon site with advanced user interface.

Click on the infographic for a better version of the image.

After the launch of the new StumbleUpon, the traffic stats of StumbleUpon increased by 118% each year. This was a great news for StumbleUpon after experiencing heavy drop of 70% in traffic, which happened in the year 2008.