Facebook Adds A Subscribe Button In Facebook Comments Box

Facebook recently launched a brand new subscribe button with which you can subscribe to unknown people to get their updates. In addition to that, Facebook on 27 October, introduced the subscribe button in the Facebook comments box too. Well, you read that in the title. Head down below to know more.


With this new introduction, the Facebook commenters can expand their online presence base by subscribing to others. This Facebook comments plugin has been installed in more than 300K third party sites. This social plugin allows the readers to drop in a comment and that comment will be available in his/her facebook account. And by this way, the post will get more exposure. Even we at Axleration installed this Facebook comments box lately. Scroll down to see a live version of the plugin.

“Today we launched a “Subscribe” link in the Comments Box plugin to give people the ability to subscribe to commenters in one click, and give commenters another way to grow their Subscriptions base. Have you turned on Subscribe yet?” says Facebook’s media fanpage.


Earlier, Facebook introduced a button named “Subscribe” for subscribing to certain comments. Later Facebook changed the name to “Follow Post”, similar to Twitter. On clicking the “Follow Post” button, you will start to get notifications delivered to your Facebook account, from that particular comment. Now this newly added “Subscribe” button does a much more better job. When you subscribe to a person, you will get pinged whenever he/she comments on various sites.

So have you noticed the Subscribe button yet? Subscribed to anyone yet? Share your thoughts on this new change in the comments section below. This will give you an opportunity to try out this new “Subscribe” button in the comments box.