Switch to The Old Chat System in Facebook

Many new additions were made to Facebook chat in the recent days, which had made it all the more user-unfriendly. The recent change was the most annoying among all, the sidebar chat feature, which jumbles up offline contacts too, which makes it difficult to find who is online and who is not.


If you are one among those who is cursing Facebook for their stupid changes to the chat system and if you want a distraction free chatting in Facebook, then you have come to the right spot.

There is a simple link, that will show the old chatting system in a new window/tab. The old system which displays only the online contacts in your friends list can be reached by just visiting a link. The link is provided at the end of the post. Bookmark it for future use.

Your chat bar will not be displayed in other FB pages while you are using chat in a new tab/window. You can click on the small pop in chat icon at the bottom right to switch back to the new version. This link doesn’t permanently change anything. It is a link for displaying the chat in a pop out, which can be used as a standalone page too.

There are more dislikes than likes for the new chat system. Facebook should understand it and should change it soon.

Try it for distraction free chatting with your friends and share your thoughts with us too.


Facebook Standalone Chat