Sync Cool Wallpapers to Your Dropbox With Desktoppr

While there are lots of wallpapers search engines tools available out there, Desktoppr is my favorite right now. What makes that special and sets apart from the other tools in the niche? Desktoppr is built around the concept of download high resolution wallpapers right to one’s Dropbox account. With a single click or so, one can easily download one’s favorite wallpapers available on Desktoppr and set them as wallpaper in the desktop.

Desktoppr has got a huge collection of wallpapers for your use. As of now, Desktoppr is in the Beta stage and you can join the site only by getting an invite code. To get an invite code, just head to the Desktoppr site and sign up with your email to get the invite code.


After Getting the Invite Code

Once you get the invite code, you can sign up with your favorite username and password. Once you are in, you will be asked to link your Dropbox account to Desktoppr so that you can download wallpapers right to your Dropbox account, sync them and set as wallpapers. I highly recommend linking your Dropbox account to your Desktoppr account so that you can enjoy the maximum on Desktoppr.

Not on Dropbox? Join now!

If you aren’t on Dropbox, no worries. Join Dropbox and install it with this link. Joining Dropbox with this code will ensure that you also get an additional 500MB of free space along with me. 😉

Downloading Wallpapers

Now getting on to Desktoppr. So, let us consider that you have linked your Desktoppr account to your Dropbox account. Now, it’s time to browse the cool wallpapers available on Desktoppr. Desktoppr provides with options to sort wallpapers based on dimensions, downloads, popularity and a lot more!

Desktoppr Wallpapers

Just find the favorite wallpapers for you and hit the cloud icon available at the bottom right of each wallpaper. And within moments, you will notice the wallpaper finding a place in your Dropbox folder. 🙂

Tweaking Your Desktop Settings

After downloading all your favorite wallpapers, right click on Desktop and click  Personalize. And now click on Desktop Wallpapers tab available at the bottom left and select the source for your wallpapers. This is the most crucial section. In the drop down list, make sure to select the Desktoppr folder and then click OK. And now, the desktop can be seen sporting those beautiful wallpapers you just downloaded.

Wallpapers Picture Location

Downloading more and more wallpapers from Desktoppr will automatically update in your Dropbox folder and in turn find a place in your desktop.

Well, that was cool, agree? If you come across any problems while using this smart, brilliant tool, feel free to drop in your comments. 🙂