Syncing SRT Subtitles With the Video [How-To]

If you’ve been downloading lots of movies in other languages, you would be familiar about SRT files. It is not uncommon that you find a subtitle file out of sync with the video you are watching. If you do a little more of searching you can find the subtitle that is completely in sync. But, if you are unable to find anything, then you use this guide to sync SRT subtitles with the video.


SRT – SubRip Text file format is the most basic and most popular of all subtitle formats. It is a mere text  file with some special formatting, so that the video player can display the right text at the right time. The format of the SRT file is as follows:

00:38:58,832 –> 00:39:00,629
God damn it!
Get a backup team in there!

This is the 454th subtitle in the file and the next line represents the start time –> end time, that is how long the text will be displayed. The rest are the dialogue. Since SRT files originated in France, comma is used as the decimal separator and the time format is like hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds and BTW the dialogue is from >The Bourne Ultimatum.

You can search for SRT subtitles on Google. Just type like this – “Movie name + Language + Subtitles” and you will get it for sure. Now you’ve downloaded it only to find that it is out of sync. Then you can try one of the following methods to sync it with the video. We’ve provided the links at the end of the article for your convenience.

#1 VLC – Easiest Way

VLC is the ultimate media player. You can use VLC to synchronize your SRT subtitles, if you are going to use it only once or twice. VLC has lot of inbuilt tools and you can use one such tool – Track Synchronization to do the job.

  • Load the video and the subtitles [Video -> Subtitles track] in VLC.
  • Then Go to Tools -> Track Synchronization.
  • In the dialog box, you can change the value there to sync your subtitle perfectly with that of the video.

You may not get it right on the first attempt. But by the trial and error method, you can get it done.

#2 Aegisub – Most Effective

Aegisub is a free subtitle editor. You can edit your subtitles, while previewing the video.

  • Open the Subtitle [File -> Open Subtitles] and the video file [Video -> Open Video]
  • You can tweak timings using the tools in the right pane.
  • To shift the entire track forward or backward, go to Timing -> Shift Times and set the values to sync the subtitles with the video. you get a few extra options too.
Save it and the subtitles are no more a mess.

#3 Gaupol – Little Difficult

Gaupol is an open source subtitle editing program. It is simple to use and is easy too.

  • Open the SRT file.
  • Go to Tools -> Shift Positions, to shift the entire orientation of the subtitle track.
  • Set the time by which you want your subtitles to be shifted. You also get to select the whole track, a selection of subtitles or just a single line to shift.

Once done, save it. There, you’ve fixed the subtitles. Since you can’t preview the video, it is quite difficult to sync subtitles using Gaupol.

We’ve covered the most useful tools for syncing SRT subtitles with the video. If you think, we’ve missed anything or if there is any other easier way do let us know through the comments and we’ll mention it too. If you’ve any doubts in the process, let us know and we’ll help you cross the sea.

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Download VLC

Download Aegisub

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