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Call Phones From Gmail

August 26, 2010 0

Gmail voice and video chat makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family using your computer’s microphone and speakers. But until now, this required both people to be at their computers, signed into Gmail at the same time. Given that most of us don’t spend all day in front of our computers, Google now allows you to call to phones right from Gmail.

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How to Change Your Security Question in Gmail

July 28, 2010 0

A security question allows you to recover your account, when you have lost your password or when some one else hack your account. It is important that you setup a good security question, so that others cannot guess the answer for that question.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

July 26, 2010 0

Gmail is the leader among web mails. Mainly because of its large storage capacity and numerous features which it introduce very often. The main feature of desktop applications is shortcut keys, which make them easier and faster to use. Gmail was the first to bring this convenience of using keyboard shortcuts in a web-mail, which can be used to quickly browse your mails with ease.