TechCrunch Reports Facebook Bringing a Hate Button – True?

According to the reports from TechCrunch, the social media giant Facebook is now considering the fact about bringing a “Hate” button to the site that will allow the users to let their friends on Facebook to know of stuff that they don’t like or hate. In other words, dislike. While the “Like” button from Facebook has been doing a really great job of giving access to the users to express their emotions and also generate lots of revenue to Faceobook, Mark Zuckerberg and the crew doesn’t want to miss the uses of the other emotion button.


On the other hand, the news from TechCrunch was announced on April 1, which makes us wonder whether TechCrunch tried to pull a prank on us. But it doesn’t seem so. No news that is was a prank, yet. And also, the Facebook staff are not available to comment on this. So, it makes us wonder whether the news is true or not.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s recent S-1 filing reports that users are generating 2.7 billion likes and comments a day. If Facebook announces the “Hate” button, the values might actually become double. With the reason that people on internet hate more things than they like, the news is that the counts might be double. It is said that Mark is estimating a count of 2 billion hates on the first day.

And at last, there seems to be debate whether Facebook is to introduce a “Dislike” or “Hate” or any other similar button. Stay tuned with Axleration for news if any official reports turns up.