Thank Your Colleagues Through Laudits

It is always good to get recognized for the work we do. It would be much more awesome if your colleague thanks you for the help you did to him/her in front of the world. That is what Laudits do. It creates a platform through which people can thank fellow workers for their help. Not through a private message, but in front of the whole office, the whole world and of course his possible future employees.


You would ask, what is the use of this. Most of us tend to thank those who help us and isn’t it enough to just let them know. Yeah, but if your fellow worker knows about your friend’s special ability, then it would help both of them.

For example, a friend of you helps you solve a complex problem. If you thank him personally, his talent would be known only by you. But, instead if you choose to thank him through Laudits, then the whole world knows about his ability to solve complex problems. You accept to serve as a reference for the help he did you. Thus, it’ll help him in getting future jobs and add more value to his resume.

How To Use Laudits

  1. Head on to Laudits and login using your Linkedin account.
  2. You’d be taken to the Give Laudits page.
  3. Choose someone from your Linkedin connections list.
  4. Send them a Laudit.
  5. The Laudits you receive are available for public view. You can add them as reference or even as a testimonial for your work when you apply for your next job.

Though Laudits is a good service, it limits sending laudits to only people on your Linkedin connections list. If it is opened to other social networks like Facebook and twitter, it can add much more value to the service. But, given the fact that Laudits was created to thank colleagues, it is understandable why it is limited only to Linkedin.

The site allows you to send laudits only 5 times a day to prevent misuse. There is still a lot more potential for this site to grow.

Go to Laudits to thank your colleagues

Update: You can send Laudits to any Linkedin user and not just your connections. Sorry for the wrong info.