The Amazing Rise of Groupon [Infographic]

Groupon created loads of buzz last year. Groupon has experienced an exponential growth rate in 2 short years and was estimated to make $2 billion in revenue annually.

Groupon hit the headlines when Gap announced that it made sales worth of $11 million in just one day on Groupon. That news showed the world what Groupon is capable of.Groupon was again under the limelight when it rejected a massive offering of $6 billion buyout offer from Google, leaving the search giant with a missing part in its advertising arena.


However, Groupon’s business model is easily copied. There are about 200 Groupon clone sites currently operating in the U.S and another 500 operating overseas. China alone has 100 sites offering similar services, says the infographic

Groupon is trying to tackle this problem by buying out leading clone sites in the particular geographical area. Recently Groupon bought a few companies. Groupon’s growth is really amazing in just 2 years but is there a inevitable fall behind this ? We’ll know that in the future. Now let us take a look at the tale of Groupon.

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