The Evolution of The Blogger [Infographic]

This Infographic is a flowchart in steroids. This one deals about the evolution of internet bloggers. This Infographic states that Blogs were born by 1994 and it is around 16 years since then. Bloggers have evolved into many divisions. Now there are around 153,571,170 blogs when I am writing this.


There are blogs on almost all categories. There are personal blogs telling about themselves, there are theme based blogs, like tech blogs. With Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr and other similar sites which allow users to create free blogs, the number of blogs available on the net will be ever increasing and with that evolves a new generation of bloggers.

Now a days, even kids start to blog and call themselves part time bloggers (Including Me). This has lead to a growth of enormous amount of free content and information available on the net. Blogs have made the internet, a source of infinite information. I am proud to be a blogger. Take a look at this Infographic to know about the evolution of bloggers.

A nice Infographic dedicated to bloggers, thanks to Flowtown for creating this wonderful infographic. Share your thoughts below through the comments.