The History of Apple iPod [Infographic]

Apple created one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, the iPod. The iPod is the product of the masses. People love them, it can be seen from the thousands of people standing up in lines, to get their hands on the iPods for the first time when they release.

Apple’s iPod has crossed a long way since it was released for the first time in 2001. It has taken a various forms now, from the big storage Classic version to the sleek and trendy Touch variant. There is a iPod that’ll suite anyone in the house.


The iPods have crossed many generations, making themselves more user friendly more useful. Now iPods are not just used to here Music, they can do more than that now. They can be used play games, browse sites and even have video chat. One of the biggest hit of this millennium is none other than the iPod. Let us take a look at the history of this success machine in an infographic.

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