7 Reasons Why the iPhone 4S Sucks

In one of Axleration’s post Arun Sathiya spoke about the 2 Main reasons to go for an iPhone 4S. But here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t go for an iPhone 4S.

I was completely wrong about iPhone 4S. I thought it would be the best phone which some one has ever seen. But a blog post proved that I was wrong about iPhone 4S. I haven’t used a iPhone 4S before. But this blog owner has used it and wrote a review about it. So I just thought of sharing it with you guys.

1. Battery Life is Horrible :

The battery life of iPhone 4S is really low when compared to that of the iPhone 4. The main causes is the upgrade to iOS 5. iOS5 has caused a major blow to the battery life of iPhones. Siri which is loaded all day drains your battery. You need to charge your mobile at-least once a day to keep it active all day long.

2. Lousy Camera :

The camera of iPhone 4S is great for taking pictures which are not in motion. But when you take a picture which is moving in a dim condition then your picture becomes blurry and you simply have to delete it. Even my Samsung Corby takes a better picture of pictures in such conditions.

3. Easily damaged by water :

Whenever you slip your iPhone 4S onto water there starts a problem with the backlights. The backlights just goes off. But however you will be able to see that under direct light. There is no solution for this problem expect for replacing your mobile or else being careful.


4. Siri “cannot to connect to network” problem :

The new personal assistant Siri has some problems. It just appears on some handsets. To try resolving this problem try the following steps.

  • Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and then turn Siri back on.
  • Make sure ‘Data Roaming’ is turned on
If the above dint work fine then there comes the problem. But do remember that Siri is in its Beta stage.
5. Gets heated soon :
The iPhone 4S does a lot of work and so it gets heated soon. The outer glass outfit makes over heating dangerous. So better be careful.
6. Problem with high pitch sounds :
This problem is regarding to the sound system of iPhone 4S. Whenever you play some high pitching sounds in your device it goes off crackling and makes the situation unbearable.
7. A freaky sound comes out when you are in a call :
Whenever you speak with some one from your device you would hear a freaky sound from inside your phone. The sound continues till you speak. When you cut your call you can hear the sound coming from the back of the phone.
Well that’s it about the faults which I know. Share something which is left in the list below…