The Social Media Timeline of 2010 [Infographic]

2010 was a great year for social media and social networks. Social networks like Facebook and twitter saw tremendous growth and many new features were introduced. Sites like Foursquare and apps like hoot suite crossed big milestones.

The growth of Facebook eclipsed almost all sites. With 500 million and growing members and lots of new improvements to the site, Facebook always flashed in the news. With the selection of Mark Zuckerberg as the person of the year in 2010, Facebook completed 2010 in style. We can expect a lot more from Facebook in the year 2011 too.


2011 Maybe a year of social networks. The open source alternative for Facebook, Diaspora maybe released this year, which will lead to the development of numerous social networks which are more specific. Google is implementing a social layer in almost all of its services and the cold war between Google and Facebook has reached unseen heights now. We have plenty much of fun waiting for us in 2011.