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Do you use iCloud?

Technology has tremendously grown over the past few years. Front in setting the pace is Apple.  In 2011, Apple launched its cloud storage facility which it called iCloud. iCloud is a storage feature which helps iPad, iPhones, iPods and Mac computer users to store and access their information in a virtual storage hard drive. The iCloud facility has been revamped over the years and recently, the iCloud Drive was launched whereby, even Windows computer users can create an iCloud account and use the same to store information as well as access it. When you use the Windows route, you get up to 1GB storage benefit.

iCloud is designed to ensure that you get the latest information that you need. Among the things that you will have easy access to include pictures, videos, documents, notes, and contacts. Furthermore, iCloud will help you trace your phone if lost. It will also let you share contacts, photos and a lot of other information with ease. It is indeed, the ultimate virtual storage facility that anyone can dream of.


Using iCloud on your deviceapple iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac, it is pretty easy setting up iCloud. You should however first make sure that you have a good internet connection before starting the process. Even though the iCloud feature is something that has bolstered Apple’s sales across the world, there are countries and regions where customers using iOS devices are not able to enjoy all the features. Here are some of the key features that you are going to enjoy when you subscribe to iCloud:

iCloud Drive – This is definitely one of the best features that every other iOS device holder looks forward to exploring. The Drive allows you to store photos, documents, videos, application data as well as music on Cloud. The Drive is one of the most versatile components of the iCloud since it allows you to not only create files on iCloud but also access the same files in different iOS devices or PCs.


Content everywhere – If you an ardent online shopper, then Content Everywhere feature is your perfect companion. The feature allows you access to iBook, iTunes Store, and Appstore using all the iOS devices. You can access this feature from anywhere and it further lets you download every other song, book or app that you may have purchased before.


Family Sharing – This feature is designed to allow family members share iBook, Appstore, and iTunes without necessarily sharing accounts. The maximum number of members is six. It allows the parent to approve the children’s spending while still using their device. It also helps in monitoring the content the children get to access.


The Photos feature – You can upload your entire albums of photos onto iCloud with ease. You will further enjoy the ease of iCloud Photo Sharing feature which allows you to share photos and albums with friends from anywhere. When you have taken a photo and want to share the same instantly, there is the iCloud Photo Streaming feature to use.


iMovie Theater – This is a very popular feature with iOS device owners. It allows iCloud fans to access the latest Movie Trailers on the devices. This feature also allows the iOS device owners to make their own movies and even have an easy way of sharing the same.


Find My Friend – This is a feature which allows you together with your family members as well as your friends locate where each one is. This feature can only work if all the members have iOS device and have installed the ‘Find My Friend’. You will then find it easy locating each other on the map.


Find My Phone – The main problem that has for long troubled people is the theft and loss of phones. It is now easily solved when you install on your iCloud account the ‘Find my Phone’ app. With this feature, you will have an easy time tracking your phone as well as that of your friend if lost.
Backup and restore – When your device is connected to power, it’s locked or it’s switched on the ‘Backup and Restore’ feature effectively backs up all your data. When you visit the iCloud facility, you can either opt to go for the Restore feature, or just open a new account for the same.


iCloud Keychain – Apple is trusted as one of the best safety observing companies in the world. The company has a feature which lets you store all your passwords safely on iCloud. It further lets you store all the sensitive information such as credit card details on iCloud. This feature updates all information and enters the same information on all the iOS devices that you are using.


iCloud is everywhere

In conclusion, there are a lot of things that the iCloud facility allows its users to enjoy. You no longer have to buy a hard drive in order to store data. All you have to do is create an iCloud account and start enjoying seamless streaming of videos and photos. You will also have a great time accessing your favorite music here.  Apple uses Metadata and fingerprinting security feature which makes the listening to music on iTunes extremely easy and one which saves on space and time. Many iOS device owners find value in the iCloud because it allows them to backup all their data. This makes it possible to access information from anywhere and at any time without having to worry about storage space.



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