Tips to Give Better Look To Your Blog

Blogging is changing its pace with speed, new bloggers are growing daily with something interesting. But the idea for better blog look is different among bloggers. Some may define having attractive frame work adds better look. Others Add: Providing simple, navigational structure is better look for blog. But according to me, it’s the amalgamation of various vital factors which finally leads to give your blog perfect look.


With WordPress as blogging platform, one can have better customization, design, ability, etc. And this is recommended one even if you want to come up with better blog as we have access to tons of themes but it exactly doesn’t suit your needs, if it so? Then read out below mentioned tips to give better look for your blog. . I also tried these tips which I applied on my blog when I started my site, where I talk about Nuance and Eltima coupon and these tips would help you give a better look at your blog too.

1. Niche Oriented Theme:

Now-a-days many readymade templates are available to use and you don’t really need to learn web designing. But you need to understand the effect of your niche and have to choose the theme accordingly. Imagine you are running tech blog, and then have applied the template of vegetables; it’s not at all appetizing.

So, always try to implement relevant theme having better color combination but adds readability for readers. You must analyze your blog’s look from reader’s point of view.

2. Function-ability:

One must keep functions of blog in mind. Blog is meant to provide knowledge and not attractive user interference. Imagine you stuffed theme’s structure with lots of scripts to give eye-catchy look, but forget the basic fact that all these is increasing the blog’s loading speed impacting bad results in front of readers.

It’s not always necessary that blog must be eye-catchy. Blog gets better look when its simple, clean, navigational. So keep these factors in mind and give your blog according design.

3. Logo & Tagline:

Logo works as title-bar your blog. It is something that defines your blog. You might have seen that branded companies spends amount of money behind their logo as they care for brand. If you treat blog as Brand, then logo must be attractive and eye-catchy stating the short-form details of your whole blog. To get better logo for blog, you need to opt for professional logo designer who will charge bit amount. And if you self are logo designer then you knows the lead.

Tagline is something like slogan for your brand; it’s really needed and shows your brand power in front of readers. Make sure you keep nice, attractive tagline for blog

4. Images & Icons:

Images are one of the factors, which keep and grab maximum attention from blog’s reader. You can always put relevant images indicating your blog to increase readability and author-ability and to get a better blog look.

Icons too plays important role, in term with blog’s look. Using social media icons indicates that blog is active enough on other social networking and media websites. Icons can even replace texts when blog’s appearance is concerned.

5. Small Details:

It includes much things when we talk about blog’s look. One needs to take care about navigation factor; it should be easy and quick. You must fit a perfect sidebar matching with blog’s theme. Along balance is too required, give it effective and natural look.

For last words, I need to conclude that apart from appearance and look, more important thing is blog’s authorship which provides with loyal readers, though you can always use above mentioned tips to give better look to your blog.